Monday, 25 January 2010

Burns' Night - 25 January

25th January – Happy Burns' Night

Throughout the land from Aid Worker’s in Somalia, Kenyans in Glasgow  and visiting Professor's in the US untold numbers will raise a glass of something malty to the great poet Robert Burns. We raise our glass (although it might not contain whisky) at 9pm GMT and invite you to join us wherever you are to celebrate the birth of this grand poet.

Gerard Butler, the Scots Actor will shortly play Burns in a new feature directed by Jean Vadim. Until then, get ahead of the crowd and remind yourself of his beautiful poetry before the frenzy starts once the film is releasedWe love poetry and often depending where we are google our local or national poetry society.  They usually have inspiring prose on the home page. If you are ever travelling through Covent Garden, WC2 its worth going to The Poetry Society.

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