Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Best and Beyond Philosophy and Konditor and Cook

Best and Beyond seeks the best in design and content whatever and wherever it may be. Its for people who love high benchmarks from the best cakes, coffee, galleries, farms, people. Its not about expensive things its about my love of the very best wherever it may be. So, setting the benchmark for consistently wonderful, inspiring cakes is Konditor and Cook - www.konditorandcook.com . A creative wonderland concentrating on making us smile and sidestepping the much over-rated Fairy Cakes to Cakes on an entirely different level. This is a pic of Spring's Magic Cakes. If you pop in soon you can see the wonderful Mica tribute range to publicise his new album. I love the Banana and Walnut Cake however there are many more I'd like to and will try over the coming months.

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